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Fried Green Tomatoes

Yields10 ServingsPrep Time15 minsCook Time10 minsTotal Time25 mins

 4 Green Tomatoes, cut in 1/2" slices
 ½ cup Fresh Ground Cornmeal from the Smoky Mountains
 ¼ cup All-purpose Flour
 1 tsp Salt
 ½ tsp Pepper
 1 Egg, beaten
 ½ cup Milk
 Canola Oil
How to Prepare:

Combine cornmeal, flour, salt and pepper.  Beat egg slightly then add milk.

Dip sliced green tomatoes in egg mixture then coat with cornmeal mixture. 

Heat oil about 1 inch deep in a frying pan.  Drop coated tomato slices into hot oil. 

Cook until golden brown.

Make Fried Green Tomatoes with cornmeal freshly ground in the Smoky Mountains. Purchase a bag or two at any of the following locations:

1. The Old Mill, Pigeon Forge TN
2. Cades Cove Visitor Center
3. Mingus Mill, located just outside of Cherokee NC


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