Ace Gap Trail

Choose Peace & Quiet by hiking Ace Gap Trail

Ace Gap Trail is one of the most peaceful trails in Cades Cove.

This hike is about five and a half miles in length (12,534 steps), without much altitude gain or loss. The altitude of Ace Gap Trail is 2,264 ft.  If you are in good physical shape, the hike should take less than 3 hours.  The trail starts off on rocky terrain.  During your hike you will experience some creek crossings.

ace gap trail

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About the Trail

In the month of May, parts of the trail are strewn with pink Lady’s Slippers.  Also, keep your eyes open for green violets, a very small bloom.  In abundance during seasonal months, there is an abundance of trillium, blue phlox, bellwort and larkspur.  You might also see blue violets, crested dwarf iris, early meadow rue, rue anemone, yellow violets, fire pinks, mountain bellwort, flame azalea, and robin’s plantain.

All wildflowers in Cades Cove are protected by law and may be admired and photographed, not picked or dug.  Pets are not permitted on this trail.

Trees you will see along the trail include dogwoods, oaks, and red maple.

You will find the trailhead down Cades Cove Loop and up Rich Mountain Road.   The trail runs from Rich Mountain Road to Beard Cane Trail.  Ace Gap is the end of the trail where it connects with Beard Cane Trail and a trail which continues onto the Blackberry Farm B&B property.

Near the trailhead, you will pass Bull Cave, the largest cave in Cades Cove and the deepest cave in Tennessee. The bottom of the cave is fully five hundred feet from the surface almost straight down.  The cave runs for more than 2 miles.

The trail is in good shape and includes rocky, sometimes sandy and pine needles.  It is a relatively easy trail with gentle ups and downs and long graded switchbacks that follow the contours of the mountain.

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