Amusement Rides

Amusement Rides in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg
include roller coasters, fast tracks, a jungle boat ride, and laser go carts.  There are also raceways and a starship.

amusement rides

The Skywheel at The Island in Pigeon Forge

amusement rideDOLLYWOOD
Choose from many amusement rides at Dollywood Theme Park -- more than 40 rides including a wide variety of roller coasters, water excursions, demolition derby, train rides, a carousel from Germany, and rides for all ages.
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family fun parkFAMILY FUN PARK
Choose from more than 18 attractions including 4 fast go-kart tracks, 7 thrill rides, 9 family rides, 2 mini-golf courses, and an indoor arcade. Features the Elevated Track, the fastest suspended track in Tennessee.
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fast tracksFAST TRACKS
Try the Skyscraper Ride, a 2-person ride that takes you up 160' in the air, turns you upside down and swings you back down at up to 60 miles per hour. Jump from a 70' bungee tower and drop at a rate of 125 miles per hour. Also a trampoline jump.
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jurassic jungle boat rideJURASSIC JUNGLE BOAT RIDE
This indoor 700,000 cubic foot adventure
ride will keep you on the edge of your seat with excitement, fun, and laughs as you ride back in time when dinosaurs ruled the world. Open daily, year 'round.
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laserport go cartsLAZER POINT FUN CENTER
The Go Cart track is one of the newest and tallest in the entire area standing at 50 feet high (that's 3 stories up) with spirals that drop you, twist and turn you and plunge you straight down a breath taking 40 foot hill all the way to the bottom.
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nascar starshipNASCAR SPEED PARK
From a 200-ft starter track for kids to a quarter-mile D-oval shaped course, get an armband and enjoy up to 8 different tracks. You’ll also find eleven family rides, kids’ rides and thrill rides.
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rockin raceway pigeon forgeROCKIN RACEWAY
Ride go karts and water bumper boats. Experience the fastest slick track in the area. Take your pick of more than 150 games in the largest arcade in the Smokies.
speedzone fun parkSPEEDZONE FUN PARK
You will be on one of the tallest wooden tracks anywhere as you fly over hills and speed around curves. You will also find go-karts built for two and 4 fun tracks.
the track pigeon forgeTHE TRACK
Race the Wild Woody, a three story spiraling wooden track or take a spin on a track with overpasses in a single or double-seated kart. Get behind the wheel of bumper cars for smash and crash fun where water cannons turn traditional bumper boats into an exciting water battle.
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You will discover amusement rides throughout Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.  In Gatlinburg there are two sky lifts; one is brand new and is located close to the entrance of Gatlinburg.  The other sky lift is located on the Parkway in the center of downtown Gatlinburg.

Other rides include multiple race car tracks, some of which also have arcades and fun centers attached to the raceway.

Many rides are found at Dollywood Theme Park – lots of rides for children, teens, and adults.  There are several small theme parks designed specifically for children — Dollywood has its own section for children; there is a great variety of rides for children at The Island in Pigeon Forge; WonderWorks offers several children’s rides and interactive activities.

More Attractions

FunStop Family Action Park in Pigeon Forge offers more than 18 attractions including 4 fast go-kart tracks, 7 thrill rides, 9 family rides, 2 mini-golf courses, and an indoor arcade.

Bear Country Fun Park features a 3-Story go-kart track which will conclude with a thrilling drop to the bottom.  Cub Country has 8 kid’s rides.

Wooden coasters have become quite popular in the Smoky Mountain area.  For more adventurous rides, check out our ATV section where you can find an ATV to rent which will take you through mountain streams and interesting terrains.


All attractions are located very close to numerous eateries.  After spending a few hours at your favorite attraction, take a break and enjoy some of our delicious food in the Smokies.

Attractions are also located on the Gatlinburg Trolley line and on the Pigeon Forge Trolley line.  So if you staying a hotel or condo, you will have easy access to all amusement rides.