Beard Cane Trail

Beard Cane Trail is named for a cane variety which grows throughout locations in Cades Cove where the terrain is moist. It is one of a few fairly flat trails in Cades Cove and for that reason it is wonderfully suitable for an amble in the woods.

This easy hike  takes the Smokies visitor beard cane traildown the hollow between Beard Cane and Hatcher mountains.  The trail is known for being beautifully strewn with wildflowers and flowering shrubs such as polygala, trillium, rhododendron, and dog-hobble. Trees such as oak, tulip, hemlock and maple trees will be seen on this Cades Cove hike. Try not to go after a rain, however, as the Beard Cane Trail  can be very muddy after rains.

Beard Cane Trail  is an easy hike and will take you down a hollow for 3.5 miles between Beard Cane and Hatcher mountains.

You’ll enjoy the sounds of nature as you cross Beard Cane Creek about a dozen times — the creek will eventually become a full mountain creek.  You might want to cross the rocks.  Be careful because the rocks can become very slippery following a heavy rainfall.  This particular trail is often used for nature trips and birding.

At times, you will pass through an area filled with thorns.  Wear pants rather than shorts so your legs won’t get torn up.  If you are traveling after a good rainfall, expect to get muddy and wet.

Families with children will especially enjoy this particular trail.  Pets are not permitted.

During the spring season, you can expect to see and abundance of beautiful wildflowers.  In the fall season, the colors are brilliant as leaves turn to shades of red, gold, and orange.

The hike is 4.3 miles round ‘trip with an elevation of 1,940 feet.  The ascent is 438 feet.

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