Cane Creek Trail

Cane Creek Trail is an easy trail to hike

Although this is an easy hiking trail, you will need to hike part way up the Cooper Road Trail to get there. The Cane Creek hike is only 2.1 miles long and takes hikers through the Cane Creek bottoms (lowlands). The trail goes through land that was once farmed by the Buchanan family but has reforested over time. 

Cooper Road Trail

Trail Features

Features of this hike include eastern Hemlocks and hardwood trees, the Buchanan family cemetery, and a very pleasant, lightly used campsite at Cane Creek.  If you hike this trail after a rainfall,  you will be wading the creek.

To access the trail follow the Cooper Road Trail in Cades Cove to the trailhead.  Even though this is a short trail, be sure to take some bottled water with you so you can stay hydrated in the heat.

This is a nice morning or afternoon hike for couples or families wanting to experience the outdoors in a most refreshing way.  Bring your cameras to take lots of pictures to share with friends and loved ones.

You will also have the opportunity to view wildflowers along the way.

Along your journey, you might encounter wildlife such as bears, deer, wild turkey, or a red fox.  Do not feed the wildlife.

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