Fighting Creek Nature Trail

Fighting Creek Nature Trail is an easy trail and is handicap accessible

Fighting Creek Nature Trail is located behind Sugarlands Visitor Center just outside of Gatlinburg, TN.

This is 1 mile round trip and provides an opportunity to experience the beauty of the national park without the strain of steep inclines.  It is a perfect nature hike for families and for all ages — children, parents, grandparents.  Pet are also welcome, if on a leash.

fighting creek nature trail fighting creek nature trail fighting creek nature trail

You will walk across bridges, alongside a mountain stream, and possibly see wildlife.  The trail ends at Cataract Falls where you may rest for awhile.  There is a bench directly to the right of the falls.  Some hikers also wade through a cool stream to continue on an 8.3 mile hike to Cove Mountain or an 11.2 mile hike to Laurel Falls.

cataract falls

Cataract Falls

mountain stream

A refreshing stream runs throughout the trail

unique tree

This unique tree is especially fun for children.

It is quite possible to spot a black bear or two on this journey.  Be sure to bring your camera!  There are markers for various trees in the forest.  Trees you will see include the flowering dogwood, striped maple (also known as moosewood), sassafras, sweet gum, pawpaw, and yellow poplar.  Also, sycamore trees, spicebush, and box-elder are popular.

You will find a large parking area at Sugarlands Visitor Center.  When you pass through the restroom and refreshment area, you will see a paved trail.  Continue on that trail a short distance to the entrance of the trail.  It is paved for a relatively good distance then becomes a rock filled area.  There are lots of opportunities to wade in the stream.  You might want to wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting wet.

When hiking in the Smokies, it is always a good idea to stay hydrated, so bring along some water and maybe a snack for added energy.

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