Hen Wallow Falls Trail

Hen Wallow Falls Trail is a moderate trek that makes a good, short day hike

Hen Wallow Falls Trail is 4 miles round trip.  Most of all, this moderate trail will make a good, short day hike. The main trail leads to the top of the falls; a steep, narrow side trail leads to the bottom. Elevation gain for Hen Wallow Falls Trail is 900 feet.  Black bears are sometimes active in this area.

You will go through a beautiful hemlock and rhododendron forest on Hen Wallow Falls trail. Hen Wallow Creek is only two feet wide at the top of the falls and consequently fans out to 20 feet at the base. Most of all, the waterfall is 90 feet high. If you look carefully in the water at the base of the falls, you can often find salamanders.

Hen Wallow Falls Trail

Hen Wallow Falls. Image courtesy of Hiking in the Smokys.com

Especially relevant is that in very cold winter weather, the waterfall will freeze into a beautiful nature scene.

The hike is considered moderately difficult

Continue on the Gabes Mountain Trail beyond the falls and enjoy an impressive old-growth forest.

Reach the trailhead by parking in the hiker parking area at Cosby Picnic Area.  This is near the entrance to Cosby Campground. Backtrack on foot approximately 100 yards along the road.  This will finally lead you to the start of the Gabes Mountain Trail. Plan to take about 3-4 hours to hike to the waterfall and back.

The waterfall is on a short side trail off Gabes Mountain Trail. There is a wooden sign posted at the turn for this side trail. The short trail down to the waterfall is very steep.

Check out the small cave in the ridge which is on the right side of the falls.

Hiking Tips

Be sure to wear sturdy hiking shoes.  In conclusion, always take drinking water with you.

• No pets or bicycles on the trail
• Do not climb on rocks around the waterfall. These rocks are slippery due to mist and algae.
• Most of all, closely supervise children at all times.

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