Rabbit Creek Trail

Rabbit Creek trail is a great hiking trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Rabbit Creek Trail hike features virgin stands of hemlocks, oak and pine with varied terrain running along ridges and hollows. Especially relevant, The Creek follows the path of a road that was once used to get in and out of Cades Cove.

rabbit creek trail

Take your pick of hiking trails in Cades Cove, but today we’re taking the Rabbit Creek Trail.

This beautiful trail goes to Mill Creek, Andy McCully Ridge, Rabbit Creek Backcountry Campground, Scott Gap, Pine Mountain, Abrams Creek and a ranger station; however,  some feel this hike has no particular features. That might be true when compared with some trails that feature high mountain meadows with splendid views of Cades Cove, but what this hike lacks in exciting destination, it makes up in solitude.  

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park service maintains this road as a hiking trail.

How to Get to the Trailhead

The trailhead begins next to the entrance to Abrams Falls Trail.  You will turn left at the river to begin your journey.  Along the way, you might see fishermen trying to catch some Smoky Mountain trout.  You could also site a bear or two.  Pets are not allowed on this trail.  When hiking in the Smokies, it is advisable to take along some bottled water and maybe even a whistle in case you run into a little trouble.

Directions: Follow the Cades Cove Loop Road to the back of the cove, about five miles. You will cross Abrams Creek and then take a right through a field. Drive to the rear of the field and park. There will be a path and signs pointing out several hikes, one of which is the Rabbit Creek Hiking Trail.

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