Race Tracks

Race tracks in Pigeon Forge provide lots of family fun

Sevierville race tracks provide lots of entertainment.  The race tracks also offer additional attractions.   In addition, some race tracks have bumper boats, mini golf, kiddie rides, and an arcade.

About Go Cart Tracks

race tracksPart of the family fun when vacationing in Pigeon Forge TN is going to the go cart tracks to see which one of you will reach the finish line first.  This is an activity the entire family can participate in.  Go cart tracks are just a few of the entertainment options you will find in the Smoky Mountains.  There are mini golf courses, a sky wheel, theme parks, water parks, shopping in fun shops, eating in fun restaurants, and lots more.

During seasonal months, tracks are open until late at night.

Facts About Smoky Mountain Race Tracks:

• Do you know which go cart track stands 50 feet tall?
• Which tracks have multiple tracks?
• What track also has a skyscraper?
• Do you know there are elevated tracks and level tracks?
• There is a track with a three story spiraling wooden track and classic track with overpasses
• Some have single and double-seated karts.
• One park has 8 tracks!
• In seasonal weather, an indoor park offers climate-controlled electric karts!
• There is a figure and slick track
• There are tracks for kids ages 4-8 and pro tracks for the older kids and adults.

Some claim to have the fastest tracks, others say they have the slickest.  Your adrenalin will rush as you twist and turn on the go cart tracks.



Choose from more than 18 attractions including 4 fast go-kart tracks, 7 thrill rides, 9 family rides, 2 mini-golf courses, and an indoor arcade. Features the Elevated Track, the fastest suspended track in Tennessee.

Try the Skyscraper Ride, a 2-person ride that takes you up 160′ in the air, turns you upside down and swings you back down at up to 60 miles per hour.  Jump from a 70′ bungee tower and drop at a rate of 125 miles per hour. Also a trampoline jump

The Go Cart track is one of the newest and tallest in the entire area standing at 50 feet high (that’s 3 stories up) with spirals that drop you, twist and turn you and plunge you straight down a breath taking 40 foot hill all the way to the bottom.

From a 200-ft starter track for kids to a quarter-mile D-oval shaped course, get an armband and enjoy up to 8 different tracks. You’ll also find eleven family rides, kids  rides and thrill rides. 

Ride go karts and water bumper boats. Experience the fastest slick track in the area. Take your pick of more than 150 games in the largest arcade in the Smokies.

You will be on one of the tallest wooden tracks anywhere as you fly over hills and speed around curves. You will also find go-karts built for two and 4 fun tracks.

Amusement Rides