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train rides

Train ride through the Smoky Mountains.

Train rides in the Smoky Mountains make it seem like you are in another world, another time.  Most of all, they carry you into a world filled with nature and beauty.  It is a great time to truly relax and let nature take control.

Great Smoky Mountains Scenic Railway offers several different choices of train rides.  Each train will take you through mountain terrain, beside a dam, along rushing mountain rivers, and through tunnels.  These exhilarating rides are offered year ’round.

Take the Dollywood Express where the engineer sounds the whistle and your 20-minute mountain excursion is underway. This authentic 110-ton coal-fired steam engine takes you on a breathtaking five-mile journey through the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.  You’ll enjoy pastoral scenery and some of the most beautiful views that nature has to offer. Close your eyes and enjoy a fascinating trip back in time when travel in and out of the mountains of Pigeon Forge relied on trains like the Dollywood Express.

While the train at Dollywood is a short ride, the Scenic Railway train rides last for more than one hour.  You may order food aboard some of the rides or visit a cafe at a stop along the way.  At Dollywood, you will discover many places to get a bite to eat.  A train ride seems to make people hungry.

Train rides are fun for the entire family.  Kids especially love to hear the whistle as it proclaims the train’s approach.  Different combinations of long and short whistles each have their own meaning. They are used to pass instructions, as a safety signal, and to warn of impending movements of a train.

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