Crib Gap Trail

Crib Gap Trail is a horse track that may also be used by people who want a short hike in Cades Cove

Crib Gap trail was once the main entrance into Cades Cove from Big Spring Cove on the other side of crib gap trailthe mountain. Now only GSMNP trails come through the area, one of which is Crib Gap Trail.  Crib Gap trail begins on the left side of the Cades Cove Picnic ground.  Finally, it ends as it crosses the Turkeypen Ridge Trail.  It is approximately one and a half miles away.

The beginning of Crib Gap Trail follows Anthony Creek. As are all the lowlands in Cades Cove, the part of the trail by Anthony Creek is somewhat muddy. Hemlocks, which are very common in the Smoky Mountains, grow thickly along the creek.  As the trail rises, the hiker climbs to a much dryer pine and oak forest.

This family friendly trail is an easy hike and can  is accessible on the Laurel Creek Road close to the Cades Cove picnic area.  

Pets are not permitted on the trail.

Most importantly, be sure to bring your cameras for some great outdoor shots of the mountains, streams, and wildlife.  Especially relevant for those who want to stay behind and prepare burgers on the BBQ grills at the picnic area while others hike — you will find lots of picnic tables with restrooms nearby.

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